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The Insta360 ONE X, a follow-up to the original Insta360 ONE, is Wi-Fi-enabled and capable of syncing to your iOS or Android device remotely, instead of having to be physically connected to your phone/tablet as is the case with the original. The Insta360 ONE X

  • 360 degrees panoramic shooting: 18 million pixel photos, 5.7K video
  • 360 degrees panoramic live broadcast
  • Rich connection mode: OLED display independent use, Wifi connection, BlueTooth connection, wired connection
  • Flowstate super defensive Shake + optical flow stitching;
  • Bullet time slow motion blockbuster
  • Rich personalized editing features: smart track, free capture

Key Features:
Up to 5.7K30 360 Video, up to 120 Mb/s
18MP 360 Photos
FlowState Digital Image Stabilization
Wi-Fi Connection to iOS/Android Devices


Video Modes:

  • standard 360 video
  • Time-lapse mode
  • Bullet time (optional Bullet Time accessory required)
  • Log 360 video

Bullet Time:
Slow-mo Bullet Time shots turn heads like nothing else. The ONE X pulls it off in stunning [email protected] fps.

Photo Modes:

  • Standard 360 photos
  • Timed 360 photos
  • HDR 360 photos
  • Interval of 360 photos
  • Raw 360 photos.

WiFi Preview & Transfer:

  • 50MB/s Cable Transfer
  • 5 GHz High-Speed WiFi Transfer

Sleek and seamless:

  • An ultra-thin 28mm body doesn’t just look good. It keeps the ONE X’s dual lenses close together for an immaculate stitch.
  • 210° Ultra-wide fisheye lenses, 1/2.3′: Sony CMOS sensor, F 2.0 Large aperture
  • Outer simplicity. Inner refinement:
  • 794 individual components, one game-changing camera. The ONE X is precision-crafted for durability, impact-resistance and temperature regulation – all in a featherlight 3.2-ounce body.

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