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DJI emphasizes the principle of user-friendliness in all designs, the ground station offers 3D graphic interface, a breakthrough from traditional UAV system with ease of installation, less complexity and ease of operation in comparison to others in the market. DJI ground station control can save time, improve operation efficiency, ease mission planning supporting flexible and intelligent control for any mission.

Google 3D Maps:

DJI Ground Station designed around intuitive Google 3D map offering GIS data. The pilot can operate and plan flight routes anywhere, use PC mouse to zoom in/out of 3D Maps which can be downloaded to PC and used elsewhere in offline mode.

Accurate Flight Control Algorithms:

The entire ground control system combines GPS 6DOF inertial measurement unit, magnetometer, and pressure altimeter sensors to optimize robustness of algorithms and robotic control logics. The ground control system utilizes advanced GPS/INS proprietary algorithm technology in the entire design. Even in adverse conditions, high vibration and high demand environments, the aircraft maintain flight stability accurately to ensure mission success rate.

Real-Time Flight Monitoring:

In addition to the aircraft location, heading and altitude, our ground station also provide other flight data such as altitude, airspeed, vertical speed, throttle, and pitch percentage and servo voltage at all times.


Auto Return Home:

Ground Station equipped with the intelligent adaptive system. During abnormal signal loss, the system will adjust to the environment to activate failsafe appropriately. The aircraft will implement and complete the default route mission automatically, even when the datalink signal is lost.


When the user is in manual mode, the aircraft will hover when RC signal lost. But after 10S, if the signal doesn’t come back, the aircraft will find the take-off point precisely and return using the safest route and height. Then the aircraft will hover over the take-off point automatically. This function offers intelligent security protection for user’s expensive aerial equipment. In addition, the user can always click the return button, the system will interrupt the current mission immediately to order to return the aircraft to back the take-off point.

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