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The DJI DropSafe drop speed reduction system is designed to slow the speed of your aircraft in the event of an emergency. It deploys in less than half a second and is effective at a minimum altitude of 6 meters. The reusable design weighs less than 550g, adding very little weight to your flight payload.

Drop Safe Designed:
The drop safe is designed primarily for professional pilots who want to be able to fly a larger system…With the Phantom series, we don’t see that as a pressing need right now, but it is something we are looking into,” Perry said.

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Innovative, Lightweight, Lightning Fast Deployment:
Low Altitude Deployment:
The minimum effective altitude of just 6 meters.
Lightning-Fast Deployment:
Deploys in less than half a second.
Lightweight Design:
Weighs less than 550g
Reusable System:

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